Healthcare Sector

With a decade experience in the industry providing a one-step solution helping to identify gaps in data collection and submission

What We Do

We are specializing in Risk Adjustment solutions, Revenue Integrity, Integrated Care Delivery & Revenue Cycle Solutions for the Payers & Providers. Exceptional healthcare organizations compliment the highest standards of care with a commitment to excellence in revenue cycle management. Billing companies and healthcare provider systems use Bizlogix to bring excellence to their back office Revenue Cycle Management enabling better focus on strategic priorities. Bizlogix combines the right people, processes, and technologies to streamline your revenue cycle allowing you to deliver better care to your patients. Whether you're a medical billing company or healthcare system or a dental services provider.

What We Take Care

All revenue cycle and medical billing practices for you. Our expert team of coders efficiently assesses clinical documentation and assigns appropriate CPT/HCPCS codes and modiiers that support selection ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes. Bizlogix revenue cycle best practices, operations expertise, and process automation solutions will elevate your revenue cycle to the next level. We apply business analytics and robotic process automation to help you achieve the business results you seek.


With a highly specialized team of financial and clinical experts, Bizlogix offers a host of value added services from Patient Access to Revenue Realization in the RCM space and accountability partner to monitor all account activity, Identity trends and account deeper research on unresolved AR

  • Provider Credentialing

  • Scheduling & Registration

  • Billing

  • Pre-Authorization

  • Denial Management

  • Insurance follow-up

  • AR Analysis

  • Cash posting & Credit Balance

  • Remittance Management

Medical Billing

Inability to document care data successfully can prompt income spillage, which can cost you a large number of dollars. Charge entry or billing is the way toward allocating a financial worth to a patient record dependent on the clinical codes chose and the related expense plan. Charge entry should be sans mistake, as blunders may prompt case denials. Our Workflow arrangements help lessen occurrences of lost income while executing compelling charge entry or billing.

Our billing experts handle a huge volume of charge entry transactions with outstanding precision. We give brilliant coordination between the coding and charge entry or billers team, advancing long haul improvement in the general cycle while additionally expanding proficiency, on account of our aptitude in different strengths and RCM Platforms. Bizlogix's services facilitate smooth correspondence among our groups, bringing in a seamless end-to-end process.

Charge Entry or Billing capabilities include

  • Multispecialty Billing & Collections
  • Well versed RCM Platforms
  • Physician Education
  • Certified Billing Professionals
  • Swift Turnaround Time
  • Accuracy of Output
  • Charge Analytics

Medical Coding

Bizlogix offers a comprehensive range of coding services to fulfil the needs of any healthcare provider or organization. Our health information management (HIM) coding experts play a critical role in revenue cycle management. Our coding services help you maintain coding compliance while increasing revenue realization that appropriately reflects the services you provide and the resources used. ​ Regular coding audits are normally performed as part of a healthcare facility or provider’s internal compliance plan, and they normally consist of a random or focused audit sampling of data over a set period, usually once a year. While compliance plan-driven audits are helpful, healthcare institutions and providers should not presume that additional audits aren’t necessary or valuable. ​ We will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your coding, documentation, billing, and reimbursement practices to identify and communicate performance improvement opportunities. ​

Denial management is crucial to maintaining a healthy cash flow and managing the revenue cycle successfully. Inadequately handling insurer denials results in revenue loss for your medical practice. Denials are a concern not only because they result in revenue loss, but also because evaluating denied claims and reviewing coding and documentation, as well as payer-specific requirements for coding adjustments and claim resubmissions, takes time and effort.

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