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Node.js web app development

Node.js is a new open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side web application. Although it's not JavaScript framework many of its basic modules are written in JavaScript. It has an event-driven architecture capable of asynchronous I/O. Node.js suitable to use in Chat based application because it is the most real-time with multi user application.

Frameworks in Node.js

  • Express.js - Web development framework for Node.js.
  • Connect - Extensible HTTP server framework for Node.js.
  • SockJS - Server-side component.
  • Mongojs - MongoDB wrappers to provide the API for MongoDB.

Features of Node.js for real-time application development

  • Real-time applications

    Real-time synchronisation web applications shared with multiple devices.

  • Non-blocking I/O system

    It uses to process multiple requests concurrently so can be faster request and response.

  • Data streaming

    We can develop data streaming applications for video and audio streaming.

  • Server side rendering

    Provides only real and dynamic data from server side rendering.

  • Scalable performance

    It fits well for microservices architecture, which in turn ensures better flexibility and performance.

  • REST interface

    REST provides superior performance, particularly through caching for information that’s not altered and not dynamic.

Benefits of using Node.js

  • Node.js allows building fast and scalable network application, which is capable of handling any number of connections with high throughput.
  • NPM is a Node.js Package manager, which comes default with every Node.js installation. It avoids version conflicts and keeps the package separate from another project.
  • Node.js performs multiple concurrent connections with multiple users over a real-time application.
  • HTTP and TCP protocol functions well with overall loading time and web performance.
  • A perfect real-time application with low-level API and easy installation process.

Node.js development services

  • Thousands of libraries.
  • Robust client-app communication.
  • Front & back-end development.
  • Faster development process.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Highly secured.
  • Inexpensive development cycle.